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Organic Mental Health

The Organic Mental Health Center approaches mental suffering from a holistic mind, body, and spirit perspective.  Mainstream mental health treatments are reductionist, addressing symptom management by only focusing on the brain.  Unintended consequences and side effects result from chemical treatments, which neglect the totality of the human experience. Integrating the body and spirit back into mental health treatments allows the individual to uncover the root cause of their imbalance, which leads to long term healing and empowerment without side effects.  True healing happens when an individual is empowered to be an active participant in the healing process, as opposed to giving over one's power to an authority figure and expecting the authority to fix it.   

This approach combines psychotherapy, yoga therapy, the healing arts, nutrition, ceremony, and community to offer treatments that serve the whole person.  When we can collectively begin to view mental health from a holistic lens, perceptions shift to see the imbalance we all experience in the American culture.  The OMHealth Center believes that the mental healthcare system in America needs more than reform, it needs a paradigm shift.