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Organic Mental Health?

Organic mental healthcare means approaching human suffering from a holistic mind, body, AND spirit perspective.  Modern mental health treatments are reductionistic, only focusing on symptom management by compartmentalizing the brain's functions.  Unintended consequences result from chemical treatments that avoid the totality of the human experience. By integrating the body and spirit back into mental health treatments, we uncover the root cause of imbalance and mental suffering; this leads to long term healing without side effects.  True healing happens when an individual is empowered to be an active participant in the healing process, as opposed to giving up all one's power to an authority figure and expecting the authority to heal you.   

Want to be part of a paradigm shift in mental health services?  OM Health Center holds a vision of creating a large-scale holistic, residential farm to revoultionize mental health treatments in America.   We are looking for collaborators to build a new modality for healing.  The center will integrate all aspects of the human experience, in union with a community of highly skilled multi-disciplinary clinicians and complementary and alternative healthcare providers.  Join us for the mental health revolution!